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Burns was a close friend of "The Chief" and an ardent supporter of the Catholic Youth Association. He was honored with the Rooney Award in 1980.

Burns' popularity in Pittsburgh during his tenure as a news anchor was staggering. His ratings were consistently through the roof. His signature sign-off phrase, one still remembered by Pittsburghers over 50, was "Good night, good luck, and good news tomorrow." 

Bill Burns Award Winners

2016 Ed Bouchette, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
2015 Susan Koeppen, KDKA-TV
2014 David Crawley, KDKA-TV
2013 Chris Moore, KDKA-Radio
2012 Rev. Ronald Lengwin, Diocese of Pittsburgh
2011 Rod Doss, Pittsburgh Courier
2010 Tony Renda, Radio Executive
2009 Stacy Smith, KDKA-TV
2008 Peggy Finnegan, WPXI-TV
2007 Patrice King Brown, KDKA-TV
2006 Mike Clark, WTAE-TV
2005 Michael Bartley, WQED-TV
2004 Gene Collier, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
2003 John G. Craig, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
2002 Jim O'Toole, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
2001 Kathy Kiely, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
2000 Roy McHugh, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
1999 Mary Pat Flaherty
1998 Patti Burns, KDKA-TV

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